A Cost of Insecurity – Comparing Spending on Military Capability v the Human Development Index

One great thing about the company I work for is that they continually encourage us to develop our skills via monthly data visualisation challenges. The latest challenge was themed on ‘scatter plots’ and it was definitely one I wished to be a part of – I love scatter plots!

Harking back to my postgraduate studies in international relations, I had sourced some data from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute around the percentage of GDP various countries use to support their military capability. I was very keen to do some analysis using this data but momentarily stuck with what to … Read the rest

Fun with sets: Highlighting/filtering data using a shared attribute of a selected value in Tableau

Have you ever wanted to be able to filter or highlight records in a Tableau visualisation that share a common attribute? For example, say you had a visualisation and a filter that listed animals. You select ‘kangaroo’, and the visualisation would filter for ‘kangaroo’ and all other marsupials – animals that share the same infraclass as the chosen ‘kangaroo’.

Typically, when filtering in Tableau, you filter on a single dimension or measure and the filter action is limited to whatever you selected. Using the example above, if I chose ‘kangaroo’, the visualisation would filter for kangaroos but no other, unless … Read the rest

The Land is a Map: On being awarded Viz of the Day

Last week I was fortunate enough to be awarded my first ever ‘Viz of the Day’ (or VOTD). The more expansive (and I think better version) of the visualisation can be found on my Tableau Public profile.

If you don’t have a clue about what I’m talking about, Tableau – the purveyor of fine data visualisation software – regularly select a visualisation from the community to showcase most weekdays. Typically, VOTD often showcases an interesting new technique or visualisations that provide information on current news or relevant historical events or generates fascinating new insights.

In the case of … Read the rest

An updated Australian international education snapshot dashboard

I finally got around to updating my Australian international education snapshot dashboard. The original one, while I think was somewhat novel at the time, suffered from a fair few design flaws. Also, it didn’t render very well on Tableau Public.

Since I originally did that viz, I’ve come quite some way in my Tableau abilities. This dashboard came out of reading some of the thoughts of Robert Janezic, specifically his post “Modern Dashboard Design”, which is well worth a read.

In that post, he links to a great looking dashboard by Ludovic Tavernier. I ended up … Read the rest

Nominated for a 2020 Vizzie Award

I choose a poor week to go on holidays and my time off coincided with the annual Tableau conference which this year was held virtually. I didn’t bring any technology with me during my holiday and thus found it difficult to tune in to what looked like a great series of talks and presentations.

On my way home, I logged into Twitter to see that a local Tableau legend from my home town in Brisbane (Frederic Fery) had tagged me in a picture that showed that I’d unexpectedly been nominated for a Vizzie award in the category of … Read the rest

Presentation at Brisbane Tableau User group

I presented at September 2020 Brisbane Tableau User Group alongside Mark Jeffrey from Griffith University and Ronak Mathur, the President of QUT Business Analysis and Data Science Club.

I presented some of the background to the visualisation I presented at the Virtual Refugee Conference in June 2020.

Thanks to Frederic Fery and Key Data for inviting me to speak.

Read the rest