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Why hello there. My name is Darragh Murray, a business …

Why hello there.

My name is Darragh Murray, a business analytics and data guy who works in the field of international education in Australia. Thanks for stopping by my corner of the web.

On this site you’ll find a record of my writing on a number of topics related to my profession and many hobbies. In particular I like to concentrate on:

  • Business analytics and intelligence and how it interacts with the field of international education.
  •  Issues in international politics and economics that overlap with international education.

Before working in international education, I worked in commercial dispute resolution, housing, government. I also occasionally dabble in freelance writing – particularly the music variety. I also had a two year stint as a volunteer radio producer for my local community radio station. You can tell I like to keep myself busy!

This site is also the defacto home of the UN Internship F.A.Q. I interned at the United Nations in 2010 and I authored the F.A.Q as a guide to help prospective interns of what they might expect working at United Nations headquarters in New York.  It’s slightly out of date but I’ve left it here for posterities sake.

I have formal tertiary qualifications in information systems, international relations, history and business analytics. I currently work for a large higher education institution based in Brisbane, Australia.

Feel free to get in contact if you have any queries related to my professional work or just feel like saying g’day.



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  1. Hey I am reading about you and your experience as a UN intern. I applying for the programme at the NY headquarters and before telling you more about myself I have BIG question about the application ….
    They ask you to write on your cover letter what are your areas of interest/departments…do they mean the agencies you’d like to be appointed to (i.e. UNICEF, UNIFEM) or what do they mean by areas like “technology, or writing”? I mean I understand different things from the same question but Id like to know which one is the correct. PLEEEASE write me an email Id thank you a lot.

    I am mexican 21 years old doing a double major in economics and political science..

    Merci en avance

    • Hi Elena.

      You’ll note I’ve posted up a FAQ that answers (hopefully) some of your questions. I’ll drop you an email as well.



      Darragh 9 years ago
  2. Hi Elena

    I’m publishing a UN intern FAQ this week on this site and I’ll address your question. In the meantime, from what I understand if you want to get interest in a specific agency, you can put that down, but I would also put general interests as well.

    Darragh 9 years ago
  3. Hi Darragh

    Did they inform you that you had an unsuccessful application in the 1st time? or do they just approach short-listed people?

    • Hi Nancy..I’ll be honest, I can’t exactly recall! I believe they did though in my case, but I’m not sure if its standard. The UN is a big beast of an organisation and sometimes these things fall to the side, I guess. I know, it’s annoying. Also keep in mind that they also sometimes take ages to reply individually.

      Darragh 9 years ago
      • Hi Darragh,

        Can you tell me if there is an age limit on interning with the UN? Im graduating when Im 30 and am wondering if this is too old to be accepted?

        Cara 9 years ago
        • I don’t believe there there is Cara. As long as you’re a postgrad student, you’re set.

          Darragh 9 years ago
  4. Hi! Darragh
    Please, do you have an idea when the UN Internship vacancy for Spring Session 2012 will be out and which website am i meant to see it.The date for applying for Spring Session 2012 starts mid May to September, 2011.I have been checking on UN careers website and have not seen any vacancy posting yet.I have sent email to the UN careers address but they have not responded.I observed that there was no posting for the fall session(mid-Sept to Mid-November,2011) on the UN Carrers website and i dont want to miss out applying for the spring session(mid-jan to mid-march,2012) due to this same problem .Pls reply in case you have an idea why am not seeing the Internship vacancy posting bcos am sure that i have been checking the correct website.

    chosen 9 years ago
    • I believe it sometime around end of August / September, if they’re consistent. I did a spring session and that’s when I applied.

      Darragh 9 years ago
  5. I had to tell you what a life saver your “Quick Tip – Conditional Formatting on Ms Access Reports” was. I have been pulling my hair out for the last two hours and you solved my problem immediately.
    Thank you!!

  6. Hi Darragh!
    Thanks for all your information on this website!
    I’m also interested in applying for the UN internship this year.
    Can you give me any advice on how I should write the cover letter?
    This is the hardest part of the application for me…

    Serena 8 years ago
    • Hi Serena. I’m not sure if I can give you my specific cover letter, but here is what mine covered.

      • Talked about my qualifications – what I had studied, what I was currently studying and my general level of achievement including notable assessment in which I performed well.
      • Talked about my work experience – paid and unpaid, and what skills I learned during my time as a working professional (admin, business acumen, IT skills) and why they would benefit the UN.
      • I then went into specific details of my strengths and skills – i.e research, communication, team work and so forth.
      • I talked briefly about my language skills (english, obviously, then some knowledge of french and spanish though I admitted it was limited).
      • I talked about why I was applying and what aspects of the UN work particularly interested me.

      How I did it isn’t necessarily what is a ‘winning’ cover letter, but should give you ideas on how one writes a cover letter.

      Darragh 8 years ago
  7. Hi Daragh,

    Re UN internship in NYC. Would you know if you have to be a postgraduate student for the duration of the internship (i.e. take time out from your course to complete your internship) or can you accept an internship after you graduate from your course (in my case a PhD program)?


    Eanna 8 years ago
    • ….to clarify what I said below….you can’t do an internship after you graduate. You have to be enrolled when you start.

      Darragh 8 years ago
  8. Sorry Eanna. I’m not exactly sure. You have to be a post-grad to do an internship, which I intepret as being ‘when you start’.

    I’m not sure if they police it that much, though you have to show that you are enrolled. I’d just apply if I was you.

    Darragh 8 years ago
  9. Hey Darragh,

    Thanks for sharing all the information here, I recently got a message from a director within UNDESA saying that if i would like to work with his branch and some other informal questions like am i available for 2 to 6 months, how soon can i start etc etc … then i answered all the questions while there is no following up until now.

    what does it means ? how far is it to the final set. I am quite in a hurry since i have to prioritize my tight schedule. should i contact him again if further decisions continue to suspend ?

    Thank you so much if you can help…
    all the best

    vincent 7 years ago
  10. Hi Vincent. Sorry I took so long to reply, I’ve been away on holidays. Sounds like you need to get in contact with the dude again to find out what the deal is.

    Darragh 7 years ago
  11. Hello,

    I have a 10-minute telephone interview for a UN internship in less than 2 hours and I wanted to know what kind of questions should I expect in such a short time? Also if you can give me some tips to pass this interview it would be more than useful!!

    Many thanksssss


    Aicha Ella Zakraoui

    • Hi Aicha. Likely you’ve already done your interview by the time I’ve replied, but if you just treated it as you would any other job interview, you should be fine.

      Darragh 7 years ago
  12. Ok many thanks for answering. After your interview how long did it take to hear back from them?

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