Analysing Interstate Migration Movements in Australia

Analysing Interstate Migration Movements in Australia

I recently published a dashboard to allow people to view Australian interstate migration figures using ABS data.

As I mentioned in the post introducing the dashboard (which you can read here), interstate migration became a hot topic throughout the first two years of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We witnessed en-masse movements of Australians throughout the country – some were seeking an escape from COVID and associated lockdowns, while others were seeking a change of scenery as they realised they could work their high-paying jobs in Australian metro locations such as Sydney and Melbourne from the comfort of other … Read the rest

Visualising Population | Australian Interstate Migration Figures

I’m a migrant, and migration data has always fascinated me.

While the media focus is often on international migration to Australia, the COVID pandemic suddenly threw interstate migration into sharp focus, as lockdowns in various states may have incentivised different people to question where they lived and what type of life they wanted to live. 

And as someone who was in the Queensland real estate market in 2021, it was often common to read stories about how people fleeing the lockdowns in southern Australian States and Territories were adding a lot of demand to a piping hot housing market.

As … Read the rest

The importance of exploratory data analysis: Exploring the first B2VB challenge

The importance of exploratory data analysis: Exploring the first B2VB challenge

I kicked off the year participating in a brand-new data visualisation curated by
Eric Balash. It’s called ‘Back to Viz Basics’, also known by its hashtag #B2VB. It’s a fortnightly challenge where the data visualisation community – both new and old – come together to practice some core charting skills. You can read about the initiative here.

The first ‘official’ challenge was on the theme of the scatter plot, a chart type that’s a core communication tool of the data professional. Eric challenged us to analyse some
American college basketball data, specifically on coaching, to … Read the rest