An updated Australian international education snapshot dashboard

I finally got around to updating my Australian international education snapshot dashboard. The original one, while I think was somewhat novel at the time, suffered from a fair few design flaws. Also, it didn’t render very well on Tableau Public.

Since I originally did that viz, I’ve come quite some way in my Tableau abilities. This dashboard came out of reading some of the thoughts of Robert Janezic, specifically his post “Modern Dashboard Design”, which is well worth a read.

In that post, he links to a great looking dashboard by Ludovic Tavernier. I ended up … Read the rest

Nominated for a 2020 Vizzie Award

I choose a poor week to go on holidays and my time off coincided with the annual Tableau conference which this year was held virtually. I didn’t bring any technology with me during my holiday and thus found it difficult to tune in to what looked like a great series of talks and presentations.

On my way home, I logged into Twitter to see that a local Tableau legend from my home town in Brisbane (Frederic Fery) had tagged me in a picture that showed that I’d unexpectedly been nominated for a Vizzie award in the category of … Read the rest

Exploring the AWB Network using Tableau

I was a late submission to the latest #VizForSocialGood round but I did manage to finish off a visualisation that made extensive use of an interactive network diagram.

I’ll be writing much more about how I did this in the near future and will update this post. Want to give a quick shout out to this very helpful tutorial by Christopher Conn of The Data Surfers which this visualisation shares heritage with.

Click on the image below to link through to the viz on Tableau Public!


 … Read the rest

Refuge from the Storm: Internally Displaced Peoples in the age of the Climate Crisis

My entry for the latest #VizForSocialGood Project, examining internally displaced persons and climate change. This was done ahead of the Virtual Refugee Conference during Refugee Week.

I was very happy  that my visualisation was chosen as one of the featured visualisations amongst a strong field of participants.

What is Viz for Social Good?

Viz for Social Good is a social enterprise that uses data visauliastion to open up conversation on key issues facing our world. From their website:

Empowering nonprofits through data story We help mission-driven organizations to promote social good and understand their own data through beautiful and informative

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