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  • An updated Australian international education snapshot dashboard

    An updated Australian international education snapshot dashboard

    I finally got around to updating my Australian international education snapshot dashboard. The original one, while I think was somewhat novel at the time, suffered from a fair few design flaws. Also, it didn’t render very well on Tableau Public.

    Since I originally did that viz, I’ve come quite some way in my Tableau abilities. This dashboard came out of reading some of the thoughts of Robert Janezic, specifically his post “Modern Dashboard Design”, which is well worth a read.

    In that post, he links to a great looking dashboard by Ludovic Tavernier. I ended up … Read the rest

  • Presentation at Brisbane Tableau User group

    I presented at September 2020 Brisbane Tableau User Group alongside Mark Jeffrey from Griffith University and Ronak Mathur, the President of QUT Business Analysis and Data Science Club.

    I presented some of the background to the visualisation I presented at the Virtual Refugee Conference in June 2020.

    Thanks to Frederic Fery and Key Data for inviting me to speak.

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  • #MakeoverMonday 2020 Week 23: Animal-free product consumption in Great Britain

    Given that I’m a vegetarian, this week’s #MakeoverMonday was particularly relevant. We were asked to visualise some data regarding animal-free consumption in Great Britain.

    Here’s my effort, actually done in an hour for once!

    Click on the image below to see the interactive (or click here).

    The original visualisation

    The original visualisation is below.

    There are many things I find objectionable about this visualisation. While I often personally use these types of stacked bar charts, this one is sloppy. For instance, the Y axis goes to 125%. The legend might be better off at the top as well.


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  • Rich Country, Rich Citizens? | #MakeOverMonday 2020 Week 7

    A trifecta of MakeOverMondays complete! This time I went back to the bar for a visual essay examining country wealth. The dataset showed 2019 wealth values per country and was visualised by Credit Suisse like so:

    Which is actually a pretty inviting visual just on its own, though proves to be difficult to interpret if you’re interested in small countries.

    After some playing around, I mixed in some population data and began to look at it from the point of view of a citizen. Does living in a rich country mean you might be rich? I then brought in data … Read the rest

  • Leave our Bond alone? | #MakeOverMonday 2020 Week 5

    So I finally managed to grab some free time to contribute something to the MakeOverMonday social data project. I’ve been a fan for many years and have often wanted to contribute – and finally I’ve done something that I’m relatively happy with. This is my data story analysing potential attitudes to changes in the James Bond character in terms of Brexit affiliations.

    You can also … Read the rest

  • Tableau tricks: Adding colour to geomaps by continent or region

    Tableau is a great tool for data visualisation. One major selling point of the product is its excellent mapping tools which make building visualisation fun and interpreting data a hell of a lot easier than in a flat table.

    Recently, I was attempting to replicate a neat visualisation I saw on the Guardian’s data blog. Simply put, I wanted to measure some data by country but colour code the data by region as well. A trip through Tableau’s detailed online help and forums only turned up solutions that were either way too complicated or not quite suited to what … Read the rest