COVID19 and International Students: ABS Overseas Travel Statistics: Total Movement by Visa Group

Randomly, I was looking for some arrival and departure data for international students in Australia, seeking to test the theory that there had not been any mass scale departures of overseas students since Australia declared a COVID19 a pandemic.

Somewhat conincidentally, Professor Andrew Norton tweeted this chart literally hours earlier.

I was immediately alerted to the existence of a brand new ABS dataset. I quickly did a bit of data wrangling/shaping and uploaded into Tableau Public as a community resource. I’ve highlighted international students as generally that is the group I’m most interested in. [Direct link to Tableau Public viz – best viewed on a proper PC]..or simply click on the image below.

While I haven’t had a chance to deep dive into what this all means, it’s quite clear that over the last two months we have seen a large drop off in both arrivals and departures for the visa type.