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  • Down With Tadpoles, Up With Arrows | The Superiority of the Arrow Chart

    So yesterday I published a blog on how to create a Tadpole Chart. And there was some great feedback and some great debate over the usability both on Twitter and on LinkedIn.

    However, one tweet thread with Tableau Ambassador Christina Gorga and Data Viz Wizard Steve Wexler was particularly interesting

    After reading this, I felt somewhat foolish.

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  • How to build and interpret an index chart using Tableau

    How to build and interpret an index chart using Tableau

    The index chart is a chart type that often comes in extremely useful for analysing the change in time series data.

    You’ve probably seen these charts frequently used in finance – such as tracking a financial index like the S&P500. Here’s an example pulled from Statista looking at US Stock Indices since the start of 2022.

    Notice how all series start at the same point, and the chart plots the relative change in each series over time. We can immediately see that NASDAQ has performed relatively poorer than the Dow Jones and S&P 500 during this period.

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