Useful Access Links

In the absence of any real content, I’ve decided to post a few Access and VBA related links here. Some are rather general, some are rather specific. Regardless, they’ve been floating around in a text file called ‘useful stuff to look at’ on my computer for a while. So why not share the love? – Forms as Class Modules – “Not Another Access Page” Albert D. Kallal page on random Access related tips. The section on implementing simple mail merges is recommended. – Looping through Form Controls. – Martin Green’s Office Tips. Great section on Access. – Allen Browne extrememley valuable Access page. – Alternatives to Autonumbers – Building your own Access Wizard interface – Ms Access Developer Tools – Some information on the TreeView Control that can be used in Access. I will be writing a detailed article on how to use a treeview control to drive your Access user interface.

More to come soon….[and be included in my general ‘Access links’ to arrive shortly on the navigation menu of this site]