Ms Access – The Upgrade

I’d never thought I’d ever say something so geeky but I must comment that I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited about downloading a product as I am right now. And right now I’m downloading Ms Access 2007. I’m taking advantage of the offer, and buying the new version of Office 2007 Ultimate for $75. That is a bargain.

I’m presently doing a small bit of consulting work, developing in Access 2003, and have stumbled into a small problem. I have never worked with the Runtime version of Access, and now I’m being requested to deploy my new database using it (client doesn’t necessarily have Ms Access installed on all users computers’). I have come to realise that in order to properly license Runtime Access applications, I will have to splurge out something in the line of $1,000 AUD.

Lucky, MS have decided to be a bit more kind to developers in the new version, and will offer Runtime licenses free of charge! Unfortunately, the Runtime Access kit isn’t available yet – but should be soon!

Well, it’s official. As of later tonight, I will be happily coding away in Access 2007.