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  • IIE release next iteration of Open Doors data

    It’s International Education Week in the United States and that has prompted the Institute of International Education (“IIE”), America’s premier professional association for international education research, to release the next iteration of the Open Doors report. For those in the know, the Open Doors report is a vital tool for measuring the flow of students around the world. While heavily US focused it’s nonetheless an excellent tool for examining student flows – even from Australia.

    I’ve picked out some quotations from the press release of interest.

    IIE has also highlighted how the US administration view international education as a vehicle … Read the rest

  • Student mobility, international and the power of data

    Too good not to share.

    Rob Malaki, Director of AIM Overseas (an Australian company specialising in organising short-course programs for higher education students) has put together a very interesting blog on using data and analytics to empower and measure student mobility. It’s a well-written post praising the power of data for empowering good business decisions in the international student recruitment and mobility space.

    Rob makes a very pertinent point about the relationship between data and student mobility:

    So where do student mobility teams start looking to answer the data collection/analysis question?
    The starting point should be the following principle: measure

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