About Darragh

My name is Darragh Murray, an data visualisation and analytics professional based in Australia. Thanks for stopping by my corner of the web.

On this website, you’ll find some of my writDarragh Murraying about analytics, data visualisation with a particular public policy bent. You’ll also find links to my growing portfolio of data visualisation work. 

I generally concentrate on subjects such as:

  • Use of data as a strategic tool for generating business insight.
  • Issues in international politics and economics that overlap with the digital humanities.
  • Data storytelling as a useful method of exchanging knowledge – mainly using open data.
  • Older posts relate to my past life working in the international education sector as well as my time as a database developer.

I regularly talk and write about the data and analytics and frequently present throughout the world on these topics. I’ve listed my conference appearances below.

I’ve worked in several fields before transitioning into my current role in the Australian energy sector, including commercial property, international education, commercial dispute resolution, housing, as well as the public service. I’ve also been involved in the music industry, being a freelance music journalist as well as a radio producer for local community radio. I’ve was also elected as a Tableau Ambassador in 2021.

You may also note that this website is also the home of the UN Internship F.A.Q. which is now quite out of date considering I interned at the United Nations over a decade ago, yet I’ve kept it online for posterity. Somewhat strangely, it seems to be occasionally useful for interns even today! It’s merely a guide to help prospective interns on what they might expect should they be lucky enough to intern at UN headquarters in New York. Or at least what it was like back in 2010. 

I have formal tertiary qualifications in information systems, international relations, history and business analytics. I currently work for a leading Australian provider of high-voltage energy transmission based in Brisbane, Australia.

Feel free to get in contact if you have any queries related to my professional work or feel like saying g’day.



Work experience

Presentations, writing and consulting

I regularly present, write and consult on the topics concerning data visualisations, business intelligence and analytics.

Below is my presentation, publication and volunteering history.

  • 2022, Presenter, Tableau Prep User Group, Prep It: The Underrated Art of Making Data Usuable [link to Youtube recording].
  • 2021, Tableau Ambassador.
  • 2020, Tableau Fringe Festival, Reflections on data viz, anxiety and imposter syndrome [link to Youtube recording].
  • 2020, Presenter, Refuge from the storm: reflections on climate change, refugees and data visualisation, Brisbane Tableau User Group – September meeting [link to Youtube recording].
  • 2020, Presenter, Amplify Now: Virtual Refugee Conference [link to Youtube recording].
  • 2020, Presenter, Tailwinds to headwinds: Emerging trends in Australian international education, StudyAdelaide members event, Adelaide.
  • 2019, Subject Matter ExpertModule 2: Data demystified, IEAA Professional Development.
  • 2019, Presenter,  Data demystified: communicating data with impact , Australian International Education Conference (AIEC), Perth.
  • 2019, Presenter, What are the lead indicators telling us? And what do they mean?  Study Perth Data Hangout, Perth.
  • 2018, Panel member, Blockchain applications for international admission systems: a hypothetical study, AIEC, Sydney.
  • 2018, Presenter, Peering into the petri dish: Queensland and Australian international education in 2017, IETU Data Hangout, Brisbane.
  • 2017, Author, The Data Game: Building analytics capability in international education, IEAA Vista Magazine, Summer 2017 Edition.
  • 2017, Presenter, Demystifying data: unlocking the value of data-driven decision-making, AIEC, Hobart.
  • 2017, Presenter, Getting started in the data game, New Zealand International Education Conference, Auckland.
  • 2016, Panel member, Big data, big insight and international education, AIEC, Melbourne.
  • 2016, Presenter, Mine craft: A primer on turning raw data into predictive insight, IEAA marketing special interest group, Brisbane.
  • 2015, Presenter, The devil is in the data: Empowering international higher education through business analytics, AIEC, Adelaide.

Formal qualifications

  • Master of International Studies, University of Queensland, 2010.
  • Graduate Diploma of Business Analytics, Deakin University, 2017.
  • Bachelor Information Technology/Bachelor of Arts, University of Queensland, 2003.
  • Bachelor of Arts (History, honours) , University of Queensland, 2007.
  • Alteryx Core Certified, 2021.
  • Tableau Certified Associate, 2021.
  • Tableau Certified Data Analyst, 2022.
  • Accredited Tableau Desktop Specialist, 2019.